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Ganesha Games first kickstarter is LIVE

Calling all Ganesha Games fans! Here's our first kickstarter, Fightin' Fungi
This is stand-alone Song of Blades and Heroes variant which includes: 1) Weapon and armor rules 2) Detailed spell system with over 30 spells 3) Stats and new traits for four factions of Mushroom men 4) white metal, 28mm miniatures of fungi folk (mushroom people) with a mix of humanoid types with weapons, and unarmored, monstrous types. The first seven are already sculpted. The new rules are backwards compatible with SOBH, and many figures can be used in MDRG as mutant fungi. The rules will be a 90+ page, 6x9 inches full color PDF and paperback book. Pledgers will receive an unedited copy before the end of the kickstarter, so that they can comment, ask for clarifications and suggest new features before the book is printed. Please check the Kickstarter below and help us! If this gets funded, we have plenty of ideas for expanding Song of Blades and Heroes and bringing new figures on the market. And even if you cannot chip in, you can still help by sharing the link on your social media (G+, Facebook, Twitter, etc). We arev already a Kickstarter Staff pick! Thanks! Andrea Sfiligoi (Artist/designer on Fightin' Fungi) Damon Richardson (Kickstarter Manager for Ganesha Games)


BattleSworn available, new fantasy skirmish game by Ganesha Games

Battlesworn Publisher: Ganesha Games BID FOR VICTORY! BattleSworn is a simple set of rules for fantasy skirmish actions. Using a handful of miniatures in any scale and six-sided dice, two players can bring a game to a conclusion in around one hour. Table size is irrelevant. Distances are determined by terrain and by the position of enemies: no inches, no centimeters, no measuring sticks.
BattleSworn is not your typical "I go, you go" system. The ebb-and-flow of initiative is represented by a bidding mechanic. Players bid for initiative and reveal their bids at the same time. The lowest bidder acts first, with as many characters as the number of his bid. The highest bidder reacts with as many characters as the difference between bids.
Combat uses the same mechanic. Combatants roll a number of dice equal to the amount bid. Lower bids are resolved before higher bids. This forces players to take decisions: do I attack fast, sacrificing accuracy and power for speed, or do I let my opponent go first to hit him later with a harder blow?
Character profiles are not encumbered with detailed statistics. They are defined by 14 classes (Fighter, Shooter, Sniper, Tank, Brute, Leader, Rogue, Warmage, Sorcerer, Healer, Cavalry, Flyer, Arquebusier, Rabble), each with its special traits. This allows you to play with minimal preparation.
This is not a game for detail-oriented players or power-players. BattleSworn includes two sample scenarios, a mini-bestiary, 28 sample forces, 15 spells, guidelines to adapt the rules to other genres, and many pages of play examples and FAQs. This is a stand-alone game. No other purchases are necessary.
44 trade-size full-color pages, including table of contents, cover, play sheet, and a one-page play summary. The download includes a separate PDF with printable cards for spells, and a spreadsheet to help you build your force. Not based on the Song of Blades engine or any other game by Ganesha Games.


Ganesha Games just made Drums and Shakos Large Battles available in softcover and hardcover, full color. Also a print + pdf bundle available at the above link.


New Site for Ganesha Games!

Ganesha Games has a new home on the net:
You can purchase all of our PDF there through the integrated OSCommerce cart. You can purchase printed copies directly from there if you live in Europe; for other countries, because of the high shipping costs from Italy, it is sometimes cheaper to buy from the Lulu link above.

The yahoo group and the ProBoards Forum will remain the main source of information, but the site will grow and be more than just a showcase of our products. We also have a new blog on 6sided.


Fight for Queen, Country, and Honey!

Song of Fur and Buttons is a campaign sourcebook for the Origins-nominated Song of Blades and Heroes miniature rules.

The book follows the exploits of three adventurous teddy bears, Sir Maurice Fursworth, Sir William Cuddlesbury and Sir Uppity Paws.

Fight and race Dinosaurs, form alliances with the Kermitians, swashbuckle with pirate teddies and fight against the evil Picnic Bear / Terrashell armies, in a quest to save your friends.

Twelve very unique and challenging scenarios to play through, all of which can be replayed with your own figures.

Great for parent/child gaming, or for big kids with big imaginations,Song of Fur and Buttons is an engaging, interactive bedtime story. Read a chapter and then play the scenario to see what happens. Just remember, no one ever dies: a bit of stuffing and a sewing kit and your heroes are back on the battlefield in no time.

The original Song of Blades and Heroes Rulebook is required to play this game. To fully enjoy this book, ownership of the previous supplements Song of Gold and Darkness and Song of Wind and Water is recommended.

Based on a miniature line by Eureka Miniatures. Full color photographs.

The pdf is available for $8 on wargamevault at the link above.


song of drums and shakos wins an award at Origins 2009!!!

Our Song of Drums and Shakos Napoleonic skirmish rules (written by Sergio Laliscia) won the best historical miniature rules award at Origins 2009!

Actually, we tied with Osprey/Slitherine's "Field of Glory" ancient rules. Congratulations to all those involved and a huge Thank You to all the Origins visitors who played the game at our table and voted for us, and also to the amazing Origins staff, the volunteers and the GMs ran scenarios in the Miniature Hall. We had great fun this year at Origins and we'll make sure to participate next year as well.


song of drums and shakos nominated at Origins 2009

Our Napoleonic fast play skirmish rules "Song of Drums and Shakos" written by Sergio Laliscia have been nominated at Origins 2009 in the best historical miniature rules award. Andrea Sfiligoi of Ganesha Games will attend Origins and will run ongoing demo games of SDS and other games -- if you attend this great con (Columbus, OH, June 24th-28th)remember to look for our table and vote for us!